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La Cibek Die Casting La Cibek Die Casting

Since 1968 La Cibek has been designing and manufacturing Die-Casting Aluminum and Zinc alloy components with a growing commitment to adopting new technologies for the implementation of production processes control: a commitment that means higher quality of Die-Casting as experienced by our main customers.

The Company invests over 8% of its turnover to offer its customers cutting-edge Die-Casting technology to realize competitive products conform to the quality standards required by the market.

La Cibek has acquired solid know-how of Die-Casting processes with particular expertise in the following market sectors: Hydraulic, Electrical, Electronics, OIL&GAS, Agriculture, Pneumatics, Industrial automation and cleaning machines, Professional appliances, Measuring Instruments and LPG equipment for automobiles.

  La Cibek Die Casting  

Our work ethic and market approach

Our work ethic stems from a fundamental premise: close collaboration with the final customer for the development of the project using logical CO-DESIGN approach.

In short, La Cibek is able to meet the most demanding requirements with innovative solutions. Furthermore, organization and production flexibility allow us to manage 1.000 pieces as minimum lot, at competitive prices and at standard delivery times.

Why us

Our distinctive features are: