Aluminium Die Casting

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... AN UNIQUE PARTNER for a complete service in Die casting


Aluminium Die Casting Aluminium Die Casting
Aluminium Die Casting Aluminium Die Casting

For 45 years La Cibek has been designing and manufacturing Die-Casting Aluminum and Zinc alloy components and it is a highly specialized and professional Partner that can guarantee a complete service starting from the design and construction of the mould, to the Die-Casting of the parts and the machining required by the customer.


... a company with a long and proven entrepreneurial tradition and innovation in die casting

Aluminium Die Casting

Founded in 1968 by Cilio Zani – father of Marina Zani, the today director, - La Cibek die casting is characterized by the continuity and by the strenght of its values such as the consolidated partnership with customers and suppliers – especially the die casting and cutting moulds, followed by machining and finishing, like surface finishing, mechanical machining, painting and special packaging – such as the constant motivation and training of its employees, the environmental sustainability of the die casting production process.

In order to garantee the sustainability of the die casting production process it has been decided to certificate the die casting process according to the ISO 50001 norms, to garantee a sustainable use of energy and ensure new investments in that way.

In the last years, despite the economic crisis, La Cibek Die casting has decided to invest in a new die casting machine, in new technologies 4.0 and connected services to garantee the continous support to the customers.

... flexible but structured

Aluminium Die Casting Aluminium Die Casting
Aluminium Die Casting Aluminium Die Casting

Our ERP managing system allows to integrate all the processes dedicated to the support of all business activities such as: production planning and Die casting control, logistics and inventory, sales, purchasing, general accounting and CRM.

The sotware tool, besides allowing the traceability of the die casted batches, gives to customers the information about the production and the order status on a real-time basis, during the whole production process from the die casting to the shipment.

(the above pictures are related to: ERP system which schedules the production processes of the die casted parts, the dynamic locations at the warehouse terminals for management and production control and highly automated and robotized die casting production lines)

... internationalized

In order to improve continously the service dedicated to customers, La Cibek die casting has made targeted investments which allowed its growth as well on the italian market as on the European Die casting market.

Among those investments, we count the simulation sofware for the filling of the die casting moulds and the installation on each die casting machines of a new PLC/PC system for the control and the monitoring of every important data of each die casted production batch (second phase injection speed, multiplicated speed, multiplicated pressure), which garantees to customers the complete traceability of each moulding and a better durability of the moulds themselves thanks to a real-time trend monitoring of the major die casting parameters, especially the second phase injection speed.

From the theorical die casting parameters

Pressofusione Alluminio 

To the real one

Pressofusione Alluminio - Parametri

Our added value is also characterized by the possibility for our customers to get all technical documentation concerning the production lots in German and in English, as our current turnover is coming for more than 50% from the German and the Swiss market.



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  Enterprise Network Group  

Die-casting enterprise Network

A group of specialized suppliers in the die casting industry of aluminium and special alloy, that guarantee a complete service: from the engineering of the die casted parts, to the design and the construction of the die casting and cutting moulds including the die casting mould filling simulation with the CASTLE programm, to the die-casting production process with presses up to 650 tons, the machining and surface finishing which permit us to deliver die casted parts ready to assembly.